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How does SelfMade work?


You’re here because you want to do the work that you love doing on your own schedule. We’re here to help you build a business that is true to you, and do it with confidence. 

SelfMade is where freelancers learn how to brand, sell, and market their work with confidence. You’ll also have access to the tools needed to manage the business side of your business.

It's easy to make a website in a few steps. Your experience is designed in a clean and intuitive format for clients. The more intuitive your website is, the more likely clients are to keep reading. You’ll be able to create a business profile to show your skills with no coding knowledge required! 

You'll find help for every step, including figuring out what you exactly want to do and how much you want to charge. Need to incorporate, or want to know why you might want to? You’ll find that here too.

A business begins with an idea, but it takes more to make it happen. 

You'll learn how to market your service and show others how you can help them. We've also curated tools and advice to help you manage the business and legal side as you grow. Let’s get started!

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Finding your why

Seeing value in your work

Writing about yourself in a way that feels organic

Getting experience when you don’t have any

Writing to sell