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How to vet client inquiries

At SelfMade we work to keep out spammers, but it's always good to know how to tell if a client is legit! Here are some tips to keep in mind when a client emails you about a project:

Research the client

When looking into a project, research the client and their business. Look for a legitimate website, reviews, and articles about the business. A real client offers contact information. Double-check their email, phone number, and physical address. If they want to talk outside of email, offer your own link.


Look at how they write

Scammers like to rush you into clicking on links and sending personal data. If a client doesn't want to have a conversation to understand the project, that isn't a client you want to work with! Some common scams include very high payments for a very small project. It's a trick to get you talking to them.


Talk to them about contracts

Real clients want to know rates, payment schedules, and contracts. A client wants to know how you'll work together. Don't let a spammer talk you into using a suspicious payment website or link. If you think they are legit, you can send them your link to a Zoom call. Don’t give away any personal data or click on any links they provide unless you know they are a real client.


If you do find any spam somehow reaches you from SelfMade, please contact us!